First at 60

60 is funny.  On the one hand I’m glad I made it.  On the other I’m OLD!  That would not bother me much if my body wasn’t falling apart.  Oh an ovary here, a partial lung there, cant help but wonder what’s next.  I was a healthy kid and ate my vegies.  Ran around a lot, learned to swim,  and never reached obesity. I’m here!

When I was a young 59, I decided to get strong…that landed me in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  So now at 60, with people I know dropping out, I just wanna have fun!  Hmmmmm that doesn’t sound much different than when I was 6. HAHAHAHAHAH

The latest fun has been a series of FIRSTS.  Imagine that.  Firsts at 60.  Furman and I did another NY adventure.

First visit to Harlem.    First Lunch at City Social. First visit to Schomburg Center.  Not the first visit to NY when the mercury soared into the 90s.  We arrived by train at Penn Station and quickly boarded a subway not emerging from the cool underground until we reached the Schomburg.  Our lunch recommendation was 10 blocks away so we counted and sweated our way down 10 blocks for a delicious, delightful NY Fab lunch and then sweated our way back up to the library, for the Black Power Exhibition.

Reseach Library dedicated to Black Culture
Poster exhibit
Wearing the Message of the Day.

I lived in Maplewood NJ during the 60’s.  My father was a school teacher in Newark.  I remembered the civil rights movement and the riots that broke out just a few miles away.  It was a good reminder and my heart weighed heavy knowing how much further we still have to go.

I cant tell you how many Broadway plays I have had the pleasure to view but I can tell you it was the FIRST time I saw the The Cost of Living and the FIRST time I saw two out of a four people cast who were physically different???? in the group of physical minority???I don’t even know how to refer to them since, handicapped doesnt seem to cut it, perform on stage.  I’m startled to admit, that even though their characters were played in wheel chairs I was surprised when they came for their curtain call and their true physicality was there for the bow.

The following day we breakfasted at Applejacks, packed up, checked out, subwayed and walked and then mozied  about 4 miles inside of the most beautiful New York Botanical Gardens.  It was a Wednesday so we took advantage of the free admission for this FIRST visit and  limited ourselves to the outdoor garden displays and  5 Chilhuly installations there.   That worked out perfectly and following the visit to the Rose Garden we made our way out, back to Penn Station, back to Hamilton, and Uber me HOME.

Chihuly in front of the Mertz Library

Which way?




It is All So Confusing

As I approach the big 60 I have more to look back on then forward.  Technology has connected me with so very many of my childhood friends and as a result almost every day it seems someone is celebrating the very same achievement. Yayayayayayauayayayayayauayzyayay! We made it.

Some are still collecting. I am shedding. No no no I am not referring to collecting inches around the waist or shedding body parts with the the help of a surgeon.  I am referring to stuff. Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  After 60 years of acquiring stuff, I just want to get rid of a whole lot of stuff.

Some stuff is really hard to let go.

Like the toy your mother saved for some 50 years before she gave it to you again,  or your school yearbooks.

I found a place that will take 10 boxes of books at a time and as much as I love books and reading and learning I can’t really see any reason to keep so many books.  After making three visits to this place with a truckload of books and other stuff I still have a lot of books and more stuff.  Which is how I’m getting to the 100th monkey.  Here was a book that I had to open before tossIng it in the to go pile.  And this is what I saw


Just after #45 announced increase spending for the military,  I’m reading a book Ken Keyes, Jr published in 1981  and via the internet I’m taking the time to validate some of what I’m reading and I find an article published 2 years ago about a close call nuclear disaster in Arkansas 1980

It is all so confusing. I don’t understand how any one today doesn’t understand what this guy was trying to tell us almost 40 years ago

Spring  is coming despite days and weeks where the mercury might rise and fall beyond our imagination and memory, Spring will arrive

Happy Spring





70’s in February

Crocuses, wildflowers and Pussy Willows are blooming.   It was like Spring in February.  So Furman and I took a ride to Philadelphia and  learned about the Wister Institute and the Nikon Small World Exhibition there.

The other side
So many really cool images

The exhibit was small (pun intended) as in Nikon Small World, so we had plenty of time to wander around and learn a little about the Wistar Institute before heading back outside and searching out lunch.  Things had really heated up.  Hard to believe that people were walking around sleeveless and in shorts, IN FEBRUARY.

Shorts in February

There were people all over.  We should not have been surprised that we were asked to wait or enjoy the bar at the White Dog Café when we ended up there on a whim.  Too hungry to wait and not interested in the bar, so we walked next door, where we were immediately seated at an available outdoor table.  We ordered traditional Philly food at the New Deck Tavern.  Yupper, a Cheese Steak with onions and mushrooms for me and Shepherds Pie for Furm.   Soooooo goooooooood.



The River Calls

Fog on the water

Like gravity the fog pulled me to the river.
I gazed toward the rising sun burning through and it kissed my face warm.
My arms reached out in salutation.
My body folded forward in a bow and then straightened for a courtesy.
I thanked the Sun and the River for every happiness bestowed on me so far.
A single drop fell into the light before me.

the answer?

Time Keeps on Slipping

Furman had a birthday this week.  He doesn’t seem to be affected by them much.  I’m ramping up for a big one.  These ten year markers just keep getting better for me. I’m  happy to make them.

We celebrated his 56th all weekend. Friday we went to Café Chobra for Lunch and then over the River to the NJ State Museum for a TOY WORKS exhibit. As it goes NJ had a lot more to contribute to toys and games then Monopoly.  The exhibit, although fascinating, was disappointingly small.  So we had plenty of time to wander the museum.  As much as I would have liked to escape the current political climate I could not.  From the toys to the art to the objects on display, time and time again I was reminded of the great contributions immigrants have made to this country.

New Jersey State Museum
New Jersey State Museum
Toys on Display
Toys on Display

Saturday we went back to Trenton and enjoyed a lunch celebration with Aaron at Malaga, a Spanish Portuguese place on Laylor Street.  This place has been here for over 25 years and in that time I have watched Chambersburg change from a place where Italian immigrants settled to a place where many Latinos call home.

I am third generation American.  My line goes back to eastern Europe.  My mother told me stories about how her grandfather came over from Europe on a boat to avoid being conscripted into WWI…I never learned if he came over legal or not.  My father told me stories about how he communicated with his grandmother.  He spoke to her in English and she understood him and she spoke to him in Yiddish and he understood her.  I don’t know how his grandparents arrived.

I have always marveled at my own good fortune at having been born in the land of the brave and the free.   I sure hope that time is not running out on the American Dream for future generations.  The Dream of free and public education, that my grandmother, my father, my sister and myself all had the pleasure of growing up with and then contributing to in various ways as employees.  The Dream of Freedom of Religion…and it being separated from the State.  And the best dream of all, the one where ANYONE with a will and a way can make something out of nothing.   Yeah, I sure hope time has not slipped so far into the future that the dream of coming to America to make your fortune has faded into the past.

Time slips and fades into the future.
Time slips and fades into the future.


January Lists for All the Right Reasons

So far so good on the  resolutions to pursue good health on a daily basis.  MaraBella and I go out at least once daily, I have reacquainted myself with my Orbitrek and watch Spanish TV while I push those pedals  around and around.   No doubt I indulge  myself with feelings of anger at the current political climate and allow myself to be entertained by a good movie and good food.  I continue my postings at Trip Advisor, Buen Provecho being the latest.  Aaron provides good company and expert analyses of our selections.   To compensate for the delicious dining out indulgences, I try to be extra careful at home and even made my own Beef Bone Broth.  I hear that stuff is very good for you… And I add garlic to almost everything.  I used the broth to bring health and good fortune to the Black Bean Soup I made for my brother.

Photo Jan 05, 10 21 24 AM

can you smell it
can you smell it

#Dogwood52week Advanced Challenge moved to flicker and I cant say I like the environment there and the associated  facebook chatter is mostly the beginners and confused people.   If anything, Ill make it a  personal challenge and just try working the images and not too much talking.  hahahahahahahahahahah   One post a week to flickr, work more diligently on my blog and photography.

Photo Jan 14, 9 05 50 AM

I’m doing the best I can to keep up with my lists…Pennington Market, Black Bean Soup, 10 thousand steps OY!  Find a primary, find a pulmonary, make this weeks image, schedule Marabella 3 year with us and annual VET VISIT, go to the bank, don’t forget to pick up some wrapping paper while you are out…..

Raspberries in Winter

Have you been invited to participate in a woman’s march?  I have!  Will you go?    The United States of American with the support of Russia has elected a man who I can see going mad before completing a 4 year term in the white house.   He wants to make friends with Russia…What about Mexico our south of the border friend.

Me gusta Mexico.   Me gusta raspberries in winter.   Raspberries from Mexcio.  I want my raspberries….

Driscoll Berries from MEXICO
Driscoll Berries from MEXICO

I don’t want to be political…I just want to eat raspberries.

#Dogwood52week Challenge continues with an advanced challenge…moving to flickr.  Not sure I like it.  flickr that is.  I will play along for a while and see how easy it is to navigate before deciding.  Picked up an off camera flash and want to try working in Raw this year.   Working on #dogwoodweek2 straight out of the box…or SOOB in photog terms.  Maybe this one.

Honey Tea Time
Honey Tea Time

I used to save all received holiday cards.  Now I just take one picture of them all……Happy Everything…I like that Trisha.




A New Year in Jersey

I have lived in Pennsylvania for almost half my life, yet I cant help  thinking of myself as a Jersey girl, after all that is where I was born.  So when it looked like New Years Day was going to be a bright sunny outside kind of day I had the urge to go to the Jersey coast and commune with the Atlantic Ocean.  I was not the only one.

There are some very crazy people who are willing to wait behind a yellow tape in their swim suits in winter for their interaction with the water.  We arrived just in time to see them.  Sunny and bright and about 49 degrees, these ocean loving folks were waiting to plunge into the 47 degree water.

Waiting to take the plunge
Waiting to take the plunge
The plunge
The plunge

They were hilarious



It was a great way to start the New Year with the sand under our feet, the sun on our faces, the sky so blue above.  And that is how we said our goodbyes to 2016….

Goodbye 2016...away with the tide
Goodbye 2016…away with the tide


#Sunflowerglassstudio, #tripadvsorreviews, #Maria Rosa, #FullMoonCafe


Last Saturday, after lunching at Maria Rosa’s in Flemington, Husband, Nephew and I, made a few stops on the Covered Bridge Artisan Tour.  We had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Caldwell at the Sunflower Glass Studio in Stocktown, NJ.   He spent some time with us explaining his labor of love with the glass, how his wife makes designs for him and how he likes to cut and bevel and shape the glass into the finished masterpieces.  Oh how I would have liked to make a purchase in this shop but alas I am in the process of shedding and bringing home an expensive decorative item seemed a bit extravagant to me.  But, it did not inhibit me from entering a drawing for a Chamfered Square Candle Hurricane.

Now you might find this hard to believe, as did I, but yesterday I was notified that I WON!  So today we decided to head over to the Full Moon  in Lambertville and grab breakfast before heading back to the studio for my gift.  It was then that I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Caldwell who was there to present it to me.   Thank you Karen and Geoff for your kindnesses and dedication to your art.  Thank you for the beautiful handmade Hurricane and candle.  To all my readers, you know who you three are, 🙂 if you have a chance and a little expendable cash stop by.  You wont be disappointed.

Karen Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio
Karen Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio#Sunflower