NY NY Will I ever get enough?

Always so much to do and so much fun to have.  I went on my first guided subway tour a few Sundays ago.  It was how we wrapped up a great long weekend in the city.   Furm and I arrived Penn Station New York, Friday afternoon.  We subwayed up into the 80s, worked our way across the park walking along the reservoir, and found our way through some city construction to enter the Cooper Hewitt Museum for the first time.


Those stairs at the Hewitt had some beautiful woodwork.   When we could no longer ignore our hunger we found Mole Cantina Mexicana to satisfy it. We made our way downtown to our cozy digs at the Millennium.  We gazed out the window like we did so many years ago at that PIT, those cranes, those men in hard hats, only now, there in front of us we could see right into the Oculus.  We could see those white wings of peace spreading out from the contents of it’s commercial belly. We  could see one of the fountain pool footprints behind it. The constant flow of water, life…an illusion,  there right in front of us.  One World Trade and the view of the Hudson as the sun goes down.

Saturday morning blew in frigid.  By 11 we were meeting friends down at the TKTS Seaport, and by noon we were wondering around the Brooklyn Museum.  OY HAS BEEN LOCATED AND PHOTOGRAPHED.  YAYAYAYAY OYOYOYOYOY YAYAYAYAY.

I need to go back there and try again…Frida Khalo is on exhibit and it will be good to see her while she is here…and get a better OY hahahahahahhahhaha  Someone needs to make a HA AH hahahahhaha .

The tickets we waited for were Come From Away.  It was a great evening to share with friends.  Wonderful story.  Amazing performances.  So meaningful to see this in NYC.  Sad Scary Uplifting Loving.  How a heart can ache and endure….

Another finger freezing evening but the Oculus at night is stunning and I must  tolerate the cold and snap.

Oculus at night


The highlight of the weekend comes on  Sunday.  Through NYCSocial.com we purchased tickets for a private Group Tour of Underground NYC (The Empire Beneath The Streets).  Conveniently, not far from the Millenium we walk toward City Hall Park to meet our friends and guide at the 38 Park Row, Starbucks.  We enter the subway…..

After a few rides on the line we end up in Grand Central, face to a wall, whispering, ear to a wall, listening…I love that fun little exercise and the story that goes with it about the sailor and his girl canoodleing only to be heard by another couple pretty much doing the same, across the hall, loving words murmured before he departs on his way to fight a war… Oh I wonder what words crawled up that crevice into the arches of the inner dome and down to the eager ears on the other side.

We depart Grand Central, moving under the ground to Penn Station where we emerge only to run down to the trains and all aboard one of those cool new double deckers….homeward bound.

I think ill go ahead and use this image for leading lines to infinity. Dogwood week 8


All You Need is Love and an Almond Joy



Happy Valentines Day.  In my house we aren’t believers of a Hallmark world.  But when everyone around you is celebrating love you can be sure you will want a piece of the action.  Many years ago on this day I had to instruct my new husband that if he wanted to keep me happy a token was necessary.  I made it clear that the token did not have to be expensive.  I specifically mentioned a pint of ice cream, card or my favorite candy, an almond joy, as token options.

The following year he complied with an Almond Joy.  He cleverly managed to hide a platinum and diamond ring inside the package.   I was delighted with the candy and over the top with the ring and magical rewrapping.

Almost 30 years to the day he managed to surprise me with another Almond Joy and hidden inside another ring with an even bigger rock.  And my heart grew big.

History, thoughtfulness, tenderness, humor, a ring made especially for me by your own hands and an Almond Joy will always make me happy.  I love you my husband, my friend, my partner, my favorite travel companion, my motorcycle chauffeur,  my funny creative man.


Truth and Light

Its February!  Obviously I did not blog more than once in January.   Proudly, I can announce that I have been keeping up with the Dogwood Challenge.  It keeps me shooting…or at least it gives me a place to hang what I do shoot.

January was busy with my mom.  She will have her place on the Dogwood Challenge coming up this month….those halls are long in Independent Living and I need an image that uses lines to show infinity. What do you think?

Then  Warmth

Marabella…dark and myserious.

Doesn’t really look warm to me, but I liked the photo better than the one of us cozy and warm in bed.

That brings me to posting an interpretation of a Prompt!  The other day someone posted a pic of a SHADOW and claimed it a Silhouette. Even when corrected with cut and paste definition of shadow vs silhouette, the person stood their ground claiming without providing any, that there were plenty of examples of shadow/silhouette.   I could not find any.    Is that really a silhouette on the shade?  or is it a shadow?

To me a shadow will always represent a line of activity starting with

light source         me and camera           subject and its  shadow, separate from it self


SHADOW me between light and subject

vs the line of a

a silhouette

me and camera,  subject  in silhouette,   lighting back lighting subject

What would happen if I turned around,  well not really the window was dirty so here is another example. Me subject back lit to cast it in silhouette by light source behind it.

If I lit this in front you would see the green of the Holy.  You can not lighten up a shadow…  Its just that simple.   I guess we live in the day and age of false reality, and fake news, and whatever works for the believer…..

I prefer thinking about a truth

Photography can be many things.   For me it will always be about truth and light.

Now lets go bend some light!








So Selfie, So much is an Illusion

In 2016 I accepted a challenge and have been posting to #Dogwood ever since.  Thanks to Sherrie Steele.  My first post on the topic of self portrait looked like this.  I think I had just leafed through a Rockwell picture book.  My relationship with Olympia Omde is a loving one.



For this years portrait I selected two images to work with that I took before the first of the year and realized no go……Only shots taken during the year of the challenge are acceptable regardless of when the concept  was conceived and actual work created.

I even added text in the frame


I’m going to play around with this when I have time. I’m inspired to put some of my other images into a slide show and have them flash through where my face should be, soft and slow, not full opacity.   Georgianne Rose…Any ideas?

I just realized it is possible to post a gallery…So here goes my first attempt at it ME ME ME years of ME ME ME no face, bark face, pumpkin head.

Hey! That worked well… I needed a 9th pic to stay square, and stable and secure with Furman, so you even get my face where someone else’s face should be. Ya I went through a phase of swapping my head around which reminds me  I need a few new good head shots.



Once again I will follow along with the Dogwood2019…  This year I will make more of an effort to keep my images organized and blog at least once a month.  Once a Week would be nice but I always seem to slip.  I do have a NY project I’ve been working on and if I can stay focused it will give me great pleasure to complete.  Blogging weekly may help me stay focused on it.

So without any further ado, since my sunset face needs more work to be what I, now, can imagine it to be, and will not be accepted for the year 2019 this will be my submission to start the year.

#Dogwood2019week1  Self portrait without showing your face

I do love NY 🙂

The very coolest thing about this pic is I was able to shed my muffin top with out any additional exercise or diet.  So much of what we see on line, and real life too, is an illusion, so many secret corners, so many hidden faces.

If you look real hard you might be able to find my faceless face in the banner….wonder how many folks actually read this far.




Just One Day

What luck to be born in Newark Beth Israel, go home to Maplewood, NJ, and grow up with a Mother who shared her love for Manhattan.

Just a short train ride away, I can enjoy the city especially when the rates at my favorite hotel drop to what I can afford. Hotel Edison, I don’t care if my room is so small I bruise my arm on the Tv while walking between the end of the bed and wall.  I don’t care that I have no reason to look out the window since my view is icky.   What I care about is your rates, your location, your kind service and your PR guy, Robbie,  who brought me candy, gloss, and that bottle of wine.😃

Wake up, get my first cup of coffee bedside, linger, shower and then breakfast at the Bond without ever stepping out into the cold. Thank you Tony Bennett for these delicious pieces of raisin bread, chocochip french toast

So cold and windy…. Bundle up, hop on the subway and check out a crazy new museum that just opened up in September, The Museum of Illusions.  My brain hurt a little bit in that place.  It reminded me of how as humans what we see in the world is not always REAL!

What do you see?  Are the horizontal lines parallel?

That is so important to keep in mind  as the daily deluge of  propaganda confronts and assaults us.

Refuel with a slice of Pizza. Back on the subway to go FREE, and take a tour of the beautiful Masonic Hall and learn a little about what it means to be a Mason.  George Washington  was a Mason  and they honor him with this statue.   The building interior was magnificent.  I actually sucked air upon entering one of them.

We moved back into the cold and wind and somehow it didn’t bother us as we turned the corner to see the Flat Iron building. Hey I found a way to shoot that building that I bet is new.  I don’t know what the yellow awning is doing out there as there is nothing under it but it made for a fun shot.

Are you tired yet?  😂😂  Well, hop on the subway and take a load off.    Get off at 49th and take notice that there is NOONE on line at TKTS  so check it out and BUY SOME.

Location, location, location….. walk down the block to rest a bit before show time, then walk across the street to the theater and enjoy the show.

Just one day in NYC.













Season of Festivities

Misty rainy grey day. Just perfect to stir up some My t Fine choco pudding, make a salad and peel potatoes😊for latkes.   Yup those latkes were gobbled down so fast there was no time for photography. Cook em and get in there for your share before they are all gone.  And although my families tradition has been choco pudding graham cracker layer cake I went with cups of pudding and raspberries.  Happy Chanukah

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Turn around and snap one more before you go.

Jupiter Lighthouse

You didn’t think I would leave the lighthouse without snapping a spiral stair did you?   Of course not!    It’s a golden rule to follow.  

Just like I try never to leave a place without that one look back. For one more shot. When I parked in the shade of this tree I did not see the lighthouse framed so well in it until I prepared to leave. 

From the top of the Jupiter Lighthouse you get the view of the inlet. Manipulated and widened by man, it has become one of the top 3 most dangerous inlets in the nation.

Today’s outing took me to John D MacArthur Beach State Park. I arrived just in time to join a 10am tour. Guided by a volunteer and enhanced by a ranger, I learned about red, black and white mangroves.  I saw a pileated woodpecker, king fisher, pelicans, herons, and fish jumping and skipping like rocks on the surface of the water.

Walking in water.

I walked across a boardwalk to find  the ocean.  Ahhhhh.   I was sad to see, even in this pristine place of blue waters and soft sands the effects of plastic litter.   Balloons and bottle caps and remnants of single use utensils found scattered among the white bellies of the shells

Cheers and ice cream and thank you Ruthy for your hospitality, gracious offerings, yoga and friendship, and another fabulous fall in Florida   The premature cold of the northeast draws me home.  It is time to go


North Palm North East

As it chills and drops flakes from the north east sky, I find myself warm and cozy in southern FL. It has become a tradition to go south to North Palm Beach this time of year. After several very hot days, the wind blew in cool and still blows across the Marathon Key where I sit not far from the ocean waters.

Worth ave
Fantastic  foliage
Amazing archetecture
Beautiful Bird

Fall Inspires

I musta tuckered myself out. But here I am back at it. I can’t let go. Been the year of the iPhone on the #Dogwood challenge and I hardly bothered after a while. I watched some of the folks launch and some move to the sides.

Yesterday it rained. Of course I was out in it. As I was composing up, through the red bud leaves already golden, a rain drop plopped right down on the iPhone lens and set there. The results were appealing, don’t ya think?

Underwater lens

BLUE sky  and chearful this morning

Just yellow. Hello

Nice long walk to the park.

Leading vines 😎

Leading  vines.  A shout out to the Yardley photo club.

Walking and knowing that when I roam along the Delaware River,  pass horses in pastures and browning meadows that this is the path home.

Maple and Mum

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I Can’t Keep Up With Myself

What a great way to be in my 60s. It started with firsts. They were so much fun. And then at 61 the firsts got better. First month in a New York apt downtown was so wonderful I am pretty sure to have a second. That was June. By the end of July we we were heading to Seattle to be followed by a whirlwind adventure in Alaska and now I’m waiting for the sun to set off the coast of Oregon. It won’t be the first time I’ve seen the sun set in the pacific but it will be the first time from the balcony of a little motel in Manzanita. I hope to soon be able to say I have visited all 50 states. Gotta keep on moving til I can’t move any more. And just like that, in the time it took me to write this, the bright orange ball of fire was obscured by clouds or fog or myst before it ever hit the horizon. And that my friends is the best example of why NOW is so important.

If you cant read it you can google it