Been way to long

I’m going to give Word Press one more try without help and see if I can get a website up and running since I probably paid two years up front and that time might almost be over.

Ok latest fun on the river.


My goal on this lovely evening was to catch the rise of the full moon over the river.  Instead I watched the sunset and went for some ice cream at Nuts.

Shooting while standing on the Washington Crossing Bridge was kinda tricky with the wobbling effects cars have on it.  Shutter speed needed to be fast as not to be disturbed by the movement and aperture needed to be wide to let in some light but still give me enough depth to focus on those trees.  Facing the light of the setting sun and focused on the tree line, I was able to compose with the bridge silhouetted in the foreground.   Then the  blog forced me to square it…gotta figure that one out.

I did get the moon that night, but not until I got home.  Then it became me, then I squared it, myself.

September 2015 30 day selfie Challenge
September 2015
30 day selfie Challenge