I am really enjoying the #dogwood52weekchallenge.  This week was Simplified Landscape and I had a lot of fun interpreting that.

looks complicated but fits the bill
looks complicated but fits the bill  IPhone photo

Simplify the scene to make your primary subject stand out.  I’m going to call this chamomile and the field was just full of them.

less complicated
less complicated IPhone photo

The fog made it easy to simplify this image and hopefully the path stands out as the main subject…do you want to walk down it?

more chamomile
more chamomile

Took this one with Olympia Omde when the sun was bright and gave me a little flare.

One of the things that amazes me most about the #Dogwood Challenge is the various interpretations, such that some just seem like close ups with no landscape in sight..there was even one of some airplanes flying together…..But the best thing about the challenge is reviewing my challenge file and seeing  my images improve.

Meanwhile….My Saturday Lunches with my favorite nephew have been such a treat….last week at the Black Bass…Oh Yea

Outside dining at the Black Bass
Outside dining at the Black Bass


June Is So Fine

I have been grouping my photos by month rather than shoot and it has been quite telling.  June told me, ITS GREAT TO BE ALIVE IN JUNE.

With the exception of itch itch, scratch, itch from some kind of garden poison, I’m a happy girl.

The aroma of peonies has shifted to the aroma of lavender as it blooms in the garden white and purple and this year I found RED lavender!  Never even knew it existed.

The first long weekend motorcycle ride of the season brought us to Rochester NY to visit the George Eastman Museum.  The man, his home, the galleries, cameras and photos….so much to learn.  Lovely gardens there too; a place to relax and let all the info settle in.


I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.     AND…I think it might be starting to love me back.  This image led me to be a finalist, dang it never a winner, in the Washington Crossing Parkitecture Contest.  Submitted via the internet the park offered finalists prints.  My print has been appropriately cropped and framed and now is for sale at Seasons Garden Center here in the Crossing.

Taylor House from the Gazebo
Taylor House from the Gazebo

I submitted two images to the Phillips Mill Photography Exhibition and one was selected.  This is a juried exhibit so just being selected was pretty exciting.

Upper right corner....have to see it close up to get it.
Upper right corner….have to see it close up to get it.

The big happy came just yesterday.  After waiting in line for about an hour to drop off an image on Saturday to be exhibited at Art All Night in Trenton and just a few hours before pick up time on Sunday, I received a text indicating that my image SOLD.   As a result, I have been invited to meet and greet next Saturday when I get to meet the buyer.  So excited!

Peacock Pizazz
Peacock Pizazz

As you can see there was no red dot on my tag when Furman and I went to see all the wonderful submissions Sunday morning.

Now If I only had $900 of expendable income I would be able to purchase my favorite piece of the show.  But alas, I do not and it does nothing to crimp my joy.  Just wish I could make another artist as happy as I am now.

Oh…and the sunrises and sunsets have been absolutely stunning.

And today is the first day of Summer.  Whooooo hooooooooo JUNE!





The Way Things Go

For the most part you really never know how a day will play out.  You may be minding your own business literally, teaching a group of students in any school across the nation, meeting for bible study, flying in a plane or just crossing a street and in a flash nothing is as expected.

Then there are other times when it seems as if the future opens up right before your eyes and the view is clear.  Today’s epiphany has to do with this device I can hold in the palm of my hand and how it is able to communicate with people around the world particularly via photography.

Im still not that good at it but I can certainly see the potential  and realize with just a wee bit more effort I can be a wee bit better at understanding its full capacity and perhaps more of my own potential.  It is so easy to snap and post I think the future of photography lies in smart phones and their applications.

I still love Olympia Omde.  I just think she will be getting a run for her money with the little pocket size phone camera which will only improve as time goes by.   On our most recent long motorcycle weekend I think I took more photos with my phone then with my Camera.  I wonder if you can tell an iPhone pic from my Olympus OMD-E5

We arrived Friday evening and set out Saturday morning to the…

George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum

We took the house tour and strolled through the gardens.  We both enjoyed and learned a lot about George Eastman and photography and cameras.   After a rest we rode over to the lighthouse and enjoyed some live music floating over the water to reach our ears.

Rochester NY

Sunday Morning we toured the Mt Hope Cemetery and found the graves of a few well known folks.


I couldn’t help but imagine the ground trembling as Susan considered the current political climate and a women running for the position of US president

We rolled over to the Artisan Works, which was a huge building filled with all forms of art from floor to ceiling.  VERY COOL.


We had a nice night of rest and then the long ride home.


We finally heard the awful news from Orlando  and wondered how a small world could be a place of such beauty and joy and a place of such horror all at the same time


Iphone Photos

Now that almost everyone carries a device that makes pictures, maybe I won’t hear, “you must have a really nice camera”, as someone’s response to a nice image I’ve show them.
Latest iPhone images I had to send to myself before deleting from the phone.

sunset on the river on phone for more than a year
sunset on the river from last year…
Olympia Omde cant seem to get this one.
cropped in phone
cropped in phone