New Jersey Beaches

I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in NJ, met my husband in NJ, found employment in NJ,  and continue to shop and play there.   When we finally purchased a home, the one I found and liked had riparian rights to the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side, so I can still see NJ.  I have lived here just about half of my life already, and still consider myself a Jersey Girl.  And like any Jersey Girl, I have to get to the Jersey Beach at minimum once a summer.

This has been a tough summer for me but I did get my toes in the sand more than once and just recently watched the sun set beneath the Delaware Bay while standing at the very southern most part of NJ.  Thank you Tami, for inviting me and putting up with my still slow status.

Tami Dino and Rocko
Tami admires the sunset

I don’t care what anyone says about NJ.  When your coast is beach, you have mountains to climb, a river to tube, a great ivy league college town,  the largest organic CSA farm in the country,  and artsy river communities, not to mention easy access to NYC, Philadelphia PA,  and my home in Washington Crossing, you can hardly beat it.



Every week of this #Dogwood52 is a new challenge for me.  Sometimes I think I should only shoot with my iPhone to enhance the challenge.  Other times I think I should only shoot with my Olympus to enhance the challenge.  Most of the  time I think I don’t want to enhance the challenge at all, as it is challenging enough.

So where does one go to shoot #Dogwoodweek34 Portrait of a Child.  I would be considered a pervert if I went to a park looking for kids.  School is out so I cant go ask a teacher friend.  My niece lives too far away.  Her daughter, my great niece is a beauty.  A close friend has grandchildren I was able to shoot when she visited in July: a set of boy girl twins, also quite attractive.  The girl is my feature image.  She is high in the air, jumping on a trampoline.   My neighbor has boy twins.  They are pretty hard to shoot since they rarely sit still.

I have a great niece
I have a great niece
Grand Boy twin taken for Sparkle
One year old shoot.  Check out her shirt.
Half a set of twins


I wake up in the morning and still cant forget that my body was cut  in several places and that part of my lung was removed.  I suppose someday soon I will.  Yet, I feel lucky that I do GET UP in the morning.  Even though there is nothing special about the day my husband brings me coffee in bed, kisses me good by and goes on his merry way to work,  leaving me wide awake at 5:30 in the morning with the aroma of coffee wafting over from the night table and MaraBella wanting caresses.

Eventually, I rise, put on my socks and boots, grab a leash and out we go.  It was not to humid when we started off so we thought a nice long walk was in order.  I gazed out at the goose in the field and thought I saw something out of place.  OH YES! I DID…it was a fox circling.  So we stopped and watched.  Afraid that the fox was going to have breakfast before me, we moved on.  Unbelievably, the fox was still circling as we returned the same way we went out.  So feeling pretty lucky, we rushed home.  I put the long lens on the camera and hopped in the car only to find that the fox was not lucky at all and was heading back to the woods with nothing for breakfast.  I was still feeling pretty lucky since I did not witness a kill.


Well, I guess I wasn’t that lucky since I was so far away I could not get a decent shot…but I was lucky in that I saw this with my eyes.

I’m also feeling pretty lucky to be able to keep up with the #Dogwood52 week challenge.  I have met some wonderful folks through photography and the internet.  Amazing how us grown ups can do that.  You fear for the kids that they might be preyed on when engaged with strangers on the internet.  I have been so lucky that through the net and photography, I have actually come face to face with some really fantastic people. The #dogwoodweek33 challenge required collaboration with other artists.  I collaborated with 3 of the women who I met this way.    So I’m gonna set them up as my featured image…Allow me to introduce Sherrie, Janice and Georgiann who stand with me as goddesses to hold up what is good.  My original image, my idea, all heads contributed by originating bodies.  Sherrie holds the camera.  She is the one who invited the rest of us to participate on the 52 week challenge.  Janice is next and she submitted the Eagle.  Then me.  Then Georgiann who is my photoshop guru and put our heads in the right place.


Almost a Month and I Shot the Hummer

It has been almost a full month since surgery was performed on my lung and I still find it somewhat unbelievable.  I say somewhat because I still have some discomfort and I definitely have some scars for proof.  For a while, my camera seemed heavy and most images were taken with my IPhone.  I have managed to take my camera out recently.  Did the most familiar thing of summer photography by sitting in the backyard waiting for the hummers to land on the honeysuckle.  I fell behind with the #dogwood52 week challenge but managed to shoot and post even if a little late.  Half way through and determined to finish.   Need a colorful landscape for week 32…and looking at what people are posting I see how loosely they interpret the word LANDSCAPE.  Makes it a lot easier for me too.   I’m going out tomorrow…not sure what I will see, but giving myself a little more time.  Until then this is what I am reserving for colorful landscape.

worse comes to worse I can use this one I colored as back up.
worse comes to worse I can use this one I colored as back up.
IMG_4785floral landscape
I’m not sure I would call this a landscape
IMG_4788 landscape
definitely landscape, definitely nice green and blue, but not exactly color packed.
do you think the lady bug considers this a landscape?