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Last Saturday, after lunching at Maria Rosa’s in Flemington, Husband, Nephew and I, made a few stops on the Covered Bridge Artisan Tour.  We had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Caldwell at the Sunflower Glass Studio in Stocktown, NJ.   He spent some time with us explaining his labor of love with the glass, how his wife makes designs for him and how he likes to cut and bevel and shape the glass into the finished masterpieces.  Oh how I would have liked to make a purchase in this shop but alas I am in the process of shedding and bringing home an expensive decorative item seemed a bit extravagant to me.  But, it did not inhibit me from entering a drawing for a Chamfered Square Candle Hurricane.

Now you might find this hard to believe, as did I, but yesterday I was notified that I WON!  So today we decided to head over to the Full Moon  in Lambertville and grab breakfast before heading back to the studio for my gift.  It was then that I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Caldwell who was there to present it to me.   Thank you Karen and Geoff for your kindnesses and dedication to your art.  Thank you for the beautiful handmade Hurricane and candle.  To all my readers, you know who you three are, 🙂 if you have a chance and a little expendable cash stop by.  You wont be disappointed.

Karen Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio
Karen Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio#Sunflower