Raspberries in Winter

Have you been invited to participate in a woman’s march?  I have!  Will you go?    The United States of American with the support of Russia has elected a man who I can see going mad before completing a 4 year term in the white house.   He wants to make friends with Russia…What about Mexico our south of the border friend.

Me gusta Mexico.   Me gusta raspberries in winter.   Raspberries from Mexcio.  I want my raspberries….

Driscoll Berries from MEXICO
Driscoll Berries from MEXICO

I don’t want to be political…I just want to eat raspberries.

#Dogwood52week Challenge continues with an advanced challenge…moving to flickr.  Not sure I like it.  flickr that is.  I will play along for a while and see how easy it is to navigate before deciding.  Picked up an off camera flash and want to try working in Raw this year.   Working on #dogwoodweek2 straight out of the box…or SOOB in photog terms.  Maybe this one.

Honey Tea Time
Honey Tea Time

I used to save all received holiday cards.  Now I just take one picture of them all……Happy Everything…I like that Trisha.




2 thoughts on “Raspberries in Winter”

  1. Raspberries, mixed greeting cards and Flickr…all a big “yes” from me!

    (When I was a girl, my Mother used to dig out shoe boxes full of greeti g cards she and the family received over the years for various occasions. I loved the “old fashioned” feel to them…the colors and art. )

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