January Lists for All the Right Reasons

So far so good on the  resolutions to pursue good health on a daily basis.  MaraBella and I go out at least once daily, I have reacquainted myself with my Orbitrek and watch Spanish TV while I push those pedals  around and around.   No doubt I indulge  myself with feelings of anger at the current political climate and allow myself to be entertained by a good movie and good food.  I continue my postings at Trip Advisor, Buen Provecho being the latest.  Aaron provides good company and expert analyses of our selections.   To compensate for the delicious dining out indulgences, I try to be extra careful at home and even made my own Beef Bone Broth.  I hear that stuff is very good for you… And I add garlic to almost everything.  I used the broth to bring health and good fortune to the Black Bean Soup I made for my brother.

Photo Jan 05, 10 21 24 AM

can you smell it
can you smell it

#Dogwood52week Advanced Challenge moved to flicker and I cant say I like the environment there and the associated  facebook chatter is mostly the beginners and confused people.   If anything, Ill make it a  personal challenge and just try working the images and not too much talking.  hahahahahahahahahahah   One post a week to flickr, work more diligently on my blog and photography.

Photo Jan 14, 9 05 50 AM

I’m doing the best I can to keep up with my lists…Pennington Market, Black Bean Soup, 10 thousand steps OY!  Find a primary, find a pulmonary, make this weeks image, schedule Marabella 3 year with us and annual VET VISIT, go to the bank, don’t forget to pick up some wrapping paper while you are out…..

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  1. Keep on keeping on and try to take the anger. It ain’t healthy. I am mostly deeply saddened and sickened by things going on in America. Have you checked on Standing Rock lately? Shameful…

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