It is All So Confusing

As I approach the big 60 I have more to look back on then forward.  Technology has connected me with so very many of my childhood friends and as a result almost every day it seems someone is celebrating the very same achievement. Yayayayayayauayayayayayauayzyayay! We made it.

Some are still collecting. I am shedding. No no no I am not referring to collecting inches around the waist or shedding body parts with the the help of a surgeon.  I am referring to stuff. Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  After 60 years of acquiring stuff, I just want to get rid of a whole lot of stuff.

Some stuff is really hard to let go.

Like the toy your mother saved for some 50 years before she gave it to you again,  or your school yearbooks.

I found a place that will take 10 boxes of books at a time and as much as I love books and reading and learning I can’t really see any reason to keep so many books.  After making three visits to this place with a truckload of books and other stuff I still have a lot of books and more stuff.  Which is how I’m getting to the 100th monkey.  Here was a book that I had to open before tossIng it in the to go pile.  And this is what I saw


Just after #45 announced increase spending for the military,  I’m reading a book Ken Keyes, Jr published in 1981  and via the internet I’m taking the time to validate some of what I’m reading and I find an article published 2 years ago about a close call nuclear disaster in Arkansas 1980

It is all so confusing. I don’t understand how any one today doesn’t understand what this guy was trying to tell us almost 40 years ago

Spring  is coming despite days and weeks where the mercury might rise and fall beyond our imagination and memory, Spring will arrive

Happy Spring