First at 60

60 is funny.  On the one hand I’m glad I made it.  On the other I’m OLD!  That would not bother me much if my body wasn’t falling apart.  Oh an ovary here, a partial lung there, cant help but wonder what’s next.  I was a healthy kid and ate my vegies.  Ran around a lot, learned to swim,  and never reached obesity. I’m here!

When I was a young 59, I decided to get strong…that landed me in the hospital for about 2 weeks.  So now at 60, with people I know dropping out, I just wanna have fun!  Hmmmmm that doesn’t sound much different than when I was 6. HAHAHAHAHAH

The latest fun has been a series of FIRSTS.  Imagine that.  Firsts at 60.  Furman and I did another NY adventure.

First visit to Harlem.    First Lunch at City Social. First visit to Schomburg Center.  Not the first visit to NY when the mercury soared into the 90s.  We arrived by train at Penn Station and quickly boarded a subway not emerging from the cool underground until we reached the Schomburg.  Our lunch recommendation was 10 blocks away so we counted and sweated our way down 10 blocks for a delicious, delightful NY Fab lunch and then sweated our way back up to the library, for the Black Power Exhibition.

Reseach Library dedicated to Black Culture
Poster exhibit
Wearing the Message of the Day.

I lived in Maplewood NJ during the 60’s.  My father was a school teacher in Newark.  I remembered the civil rights movement and the riots that broke out just a few miles away.  It was a good reminder and my heart weighed heavy knowing how much further we still have to go.

I cant tell you how many Broadway plays I have had the pleasure to view but I can tell you it was the FIRST time I saw the The Cost of Living and the FIRST time I saw two out of a four people cast who were physically different???? in the group of physical minority???I don’t even know how to refer to them since, handicapped doesnt seem to cut it, perform on stage.  I’m startled to admit, that even though their characters were played in wheel chairs I was surprised when they came for their curtain call and their true physicality was there for the bow.

The following day we breakfasted at Applejacks, packed up, checked out, subwayed and walked and then mozied  about 4 miles inside of the most beautiful New York Botanical Gardens.  It was a Wednesday so we took advantage of the free admission for this FIRST visit and  limited ourselves to the outdoor garden displays and  5 Chilhuly installations there.   That worked out perfectly and following the visit to the Rose Garden we made our way out, back to Penn Station, back to Hamilton, and Uber me HOME.

Chihuly in front of the Mertz Library

Which way?