My heart breaks as I watch the news about another lunatic human terrorist, striking down people as they enjoy a fabulous fall day in the city not far from were I played just a few days ago.  Furman and I had a wonderful Friday night of theater and fun when we saw The Portuguese Kid.

We woke up at the Hotel Edison and had breakfast at the new Friedman’s  right through the lobby.  Convenient for sure but way to expensive for next time.  I liked it better the way it was, low down and comfy regular breakfast food, regular prices. just as satisfying, more so, I think.

French toast at Friedmans

We hopped on the R and went to Brooklyn arriving at the Transit Museum  just in time for the tour by Jamie, whose enthusiasm for the trains excited and educated our small group.  We wandered around some more after and enjoyed the exhibits and particularly the timeline.  I couldn’t help myself when my hand reached out to caress the old wooden turnstiles and wonder who else had a hand there as they pushed forward on their way.

Love those windows

Our adventure continued as we tried to navigate a new way home; subway line R, to the Path, to Newark, Hamilton and then home.  I was surprised when our first return stop identified on my subway map as Cortland brought us up inside the Oculus without a moment to spare, so we barely had time to move in any direction other then  toward the Path, where we waited so long in the beautiful new station that we missed our train out of Newark anyway.

Inside the Oculus

Looking at the one picture I was able to snap as we rushed through I determined that I would return via this new route and explore it more thoroughly both inside and out…and then the news.


Sideways in the Balkans

Why are the pictures from IPhone sideways?  Oy

It is taking me some time to review all of the images from the Balkan Adventure.  Then to see them sideways on the last post…WT….urgh.

Puppetry and Photoshop.  This is what slows me down.  I have to play.

Castle Puppets

We had a blast!

Love Locks

First time in the Balkans at 60.