Traditions. What is it about them that makes us want to establish and keep them. Could it be that they give our lives balance from year-to-year.  Celebrations of New Years in January,  birthdays to count our years, days to honor mother’s and fathers, a day in November to remind us to be grateful and the closing of another year with the festivities of December holidays. This year marks three November’s celebrating friendship in Florida. It’s cozy, comfortable, warmth and ease.

Flora a new addition

One of life’s treasures is to have relationships that bring joy and satisfaction regardless of time and distance.  I am fortunate to have a husband I have loved for most of my life and with whom we have established some of our own traditions. I am also fortunate to have dear friends I have known even longer.

Captiva. We drove across the state
Shells on the beach

After three November’s in Florida, I would like to hope that I have established a tradition with one of these friends who has retired from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind of full time employment and the cold winters of New Jersey

Along with giggles, good food, cocktails, reminiscing, and long walks, comes exploring new places, revisiting favorite places, gardens, museums,  beaches and the continued sharing of life experiences.  Yes, I believe a new tradition has been established to share friendship and gratitude and balance.

So many good meals


Strolling Worth Ave amid Holiday decorations
Whitehall. Flagler Palm Beach Estate and Museum

Thank you Ruthy for friendship, new memories and what I hope will be our Tradition!

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  1. Nanny, what a thoughtful, sentimental and important entry. Honoring traditions with love and equanimity that unite us is what makes this journey together so fulfilling. I love you and I love being us…

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