Why Rivernan

Rivernan has been my online presence, since my first experience  with AOL, way back then.   When I joined the Ugly Hedgehog photo forum, and started posting images, I signed them Rivernan.  Rivernan has become an artistic alter ego, if you will.  Otherwise, I am a retired school psychologist who always made time to play with a camera and now devotes time to working and creating with a camera.  You wont hear me debate about Nikon and Canon.  I am quite content with my Olympus OMD-E5, who will often be referred to as Olympia Omde.

I enjoy  nature, garden,  and pet photography.  I have fun writing travel and restaurant reviews and illustrating with travel and food photography.    I like to play with color, especially RED, and  black and white and sepia.  I even like making crazy abstract art from my photographs.  I do not like thinking I need to find a niche, specialty or angle to be a successful photographer.  I just want to focus on  the beauty around me and  bring it to you.

Living in the Delaware Valley with the Delaware River a few hundred yards from my front door has allowed me to capture, in image, the life cycle and personality of the sometimes raging, at times lollygagging, and mostly gently flowing river.  I love watching its ever changing mood.  Day to day, season to season, I wait for it to speak to me…call to me…ask me to capture a moment in time, just once and forever.

Rivernan                                                                                                                             aka Nancy Resnick Hendrickson


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